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VORON 2.4 Fasteners Kit

VORON 2.4 Fasteners Kit

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Fasteners Kit for VORON 2.4

Compatible with VORON 2.4 r2

Note: Ball-spring T-Nuts are not compatible with Misumi extrusions. Please choose Misumi T-Nuts version if you are getting Misumi frame.

Included parts:

Part description Qty Notes
M5x40 SHCS 25
M5x40 SHCS SS 25
M5x30 BHCS 25
M5x30 BHCS SS 25
M5x10 BHCS 40
M5x10 BHCS SS 40
M5x12 BHCS 4
M5x12 BHCS SS 4
M5x16 BHCS 40
M5x16 BHCS SS 40
M5 Hexnut 20
M5 Hexnut 20
M5 T-nut HNTAJ5-5 70
M5-20 Spring Nuts 70
M5 1mm Spacer 45
M4x6 BHCS 8
M4x6 BHCS SS 8
M4 Knurled Nut (DIN 466-B) 4
M3x50 SHCS 3
M3x50 SHCS SS 3
M3x40 SHCS 33
M3x40 SHCS SS 33
M3x30 SHCS 30
M3x30 SHCS SS 30
M3x25 SHCS 7
M3x25 SHCS SS 7
M3x20 SHCS 25
M3x20 SHCS SS 25
M3x16 SHCS 25
M3x16 SHCS SS 25
M3x12 SHCS 45
M3x12 SHCS SS 45
M3x10 FHCS 5
M3x10 FHCS SS 5
M3x10 SHCS 3
M3x10 SHCS SS 3
M3x8 BHCS 10
M3x8 BHCS SS 10
M3x8 SHCS 200
M3x8 SHCS SS 200
M3x6 BHCS 15
M3x6 BHCS SS 15
M3x6 FHCS 12
M3x6 FHCS SS 12
M3 Hexnut 10
M3 Hexnut 10
M3 T-nut HNTAJ5-3 105
M3-20 Spring Nuts 105
M3 Hammer Head T-nuts 70
M3 Washer 5
M3 Heat-set Threaded Insert (5x4mm) 150
M2x10 Self-tapping Screw 20
M2x10 Self-tapping Screw 20

Pictures are for example of packaging only, please refer to the BOM table for an actual content info.

This is not a plug-and-pay kind of a kit. It is intended for a very DIY-inclined maker.

At our discretion, we will provide reasonable quantities of extra parts on demand, free of charge, for up to 60 days after the kit purchase. Do not hesitate to contact us if you lost a screw or broke a crimp connector.

We are doing our best to provide all parts in the quantities listed, but mistakes can happen. In case if some items are miscounted, please contact us within 60 days after the purchase and we’ll ship missing items to you free of charge.

Unused and fully intact kit in its original condition can be returned up to 30 days after the purchase.