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Phaetus Dragon UHF Hotend

Phaetus Dragon UHF Hotend

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Phaetus Dragon UHF Hotend


Interchangeable Design for Diverse Nozzles:

This product features an interchangeable design, allowing you to utilize different types of nozzles for a wider range of printing applications.

High-Flow Performance:

The lengthened plated copper heat block, paired with an extended nut, achieves an ultra-high extrusion flow rate of up to 70.5mm³/s. This enables faster printing speeds for projects requiring high throughput.

One-Handed Nozzle Changes:

Low heat conductive titanium alloy screws facilitate safe and convenient one-handed nozzle changes. This functionality eliminates the need for additional tools, saving time and effort during your printing process.

Ultra-Thin Titanium Alloy Heatbreak:

The heatbreak is crafted from ultra-thin titanium alloy with a wall thickness of only 0.25mm. This design offers several benefits:

  • High wear resistance: The material ensures the heatbreak can withstand extensive use without significant wear and tear.
  • Enhanced heat insulation: The thin wall promotes efficient heat transfer away from the filament, minimizing the risk of clogging.

Seamless Flow Rate Switching:

This innovative design allows you to seamlessly switch between various flow rates without the need to change nozzles. This translates to greater flexibility and cost-efficiency in your printing endeavors.

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