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Phaetus CoCoon Filament Dry Box

Phaetus CoCoon Filament Dry Box

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CoCoon Filament Dry Box



Airtight Sealing

Multiple sealing components ensure that the filament dryer is not contaminated with humid outside air. Even in a very humid environment (10-100% RH), the CoCoon can maintain a humidity below 10% RH for two weeks and even after three weeks the humidity does not go over 15% RH.

Suitable For Standard 1kg Filament-Spool

Maximum Spool-size: 204mm*70mm, suitable for almost all filament spools available on the market.

Extra-Large Desiccant Storage Space

The extra-large desiccant storage was specially designed to optimally keep your filaments in a dry environment and is capable of holding up to 400g of desiccants.

Low Power Consumption and Safe to use

With a power consumption of less than 1W, it can be operated for several months with three AAA batteries, making the CoCoon very portable and safe to use.

Real-Time Monitoring System and Smart Reminders

When the desiccant becomes saturated, the CoCoon will display a warning sign and alert you to replace your desiccant.

The Cocoon is equipped with a weight scale to display the current remaining weight of the filament. With this new feature you can better plan and assess your future prints.

Due to filament manufacturers using different filament spools you can set the "empty spool weight" on the display and as such adjust get an accurate reading of the remaining filament weight.

Real-time monitoring of the chamber temperature provides a comprehensive understanding of the filament storage environment.

Multiple DIY Attachment Options

You can utilize the installation threads to design your own attachment options for the CoCoon. These attachment options give you creative freedom to attach the CoCoon directly onto your 3D printer or a dedicated filament shelf.

USB Type C connection to transmit real time data to your devices

A Type-C USB connector can transmit the CoCoon data to your printer or computer using a specified serial protocol. With this feature your filament monitoring system becomes more intuitive. Using a Type-C USB connection, Cocoon can be recharged to extend its battery life.

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