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DIN Rails Set for VORON 2.4/Trident

DIN Rails Set for VORON 2.4/Trident

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Steel DIN Rails
35x7.5mm profile. Cut to size for VORON 2.4/Trident.
SSR mount to fit common SSR models including Omron G3A-210B-DC5-24

Included parts:

Part description Qty Notes
DIN rails
DIN Rail 35x7.5x370mm 2
DIN Rail 35x420x7.5mm 2
DIN Rail 35x470x7.5mm 2
DIN Rail 35x7.5x370mm 3
DIN Rail 35x420x7.5mm 3
DIN Rail 35x470x7.5mm 3
DIN Rail SSR mount 1 Fits Omron G3A-210B-DC5-24
Mounting screws 2