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VORON 2.4 Build Plate

VORON 2.4 Build Plate

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3D Printer Build Plate for VORON 2.4

  • Aluminum Plate - Cast Tool & Jig. Stress relieved. ATP5 alloy.
  • Optimal thickness - 5/16" (8mm).
  • Surface is precisely machined.
  • Mounting holes are drilled and counterbored for M3 socket head cap screws (see drawing).
  • Plate has blind holes on the bottom side tapped for M3 that can be used for thermal fuse attachment and grounding.
  • Compatible with VORON 2.4r2

Print size Plate size
250x250mm 10"x10"
300x300mm 12"x12"
350x350mm 14"x14"


1. This is an aluminum build plate only, no heater or any electronics is included.

2. Plate flatness tolerance is 0.381mm. Gauge tolerance is ±0.127mm. Cut tolerance -0/+0.125"