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Build Plate Kit for VORON0 v0.1 v0.2

Build Plate Kit for VORON0 v0.1 v0.2

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Build Plate Kit for VORON0 v0.1 v0.2

  • Aluminum Plate - ATP5 Cast Tool & Jig - 1/4" thickness.
  • Surface is machined by supplier. Flatness tolerance is 0.381mm. Gauge tolerance is ±0.127mm.
  • Plate size is 120x120mm
  • Cut tolerance: -0'' to +0.125''
  • Plate is drilled and counterbored for M3 socket head cap screws (see drawing).
  • M3 tapped holes can be used for thermal fuse attachment and grounding.
  • Precisely drilled on drill press using counterbore bit
  • Keenovo Silicone heater has a built-in thermistor.
  • Heater and PEI sheet have 3m adhesive pre-applied. Assembly is required.
  • Compatible with VORON0 v0.1/v0.2

We offer 3 options for printing surface with our kits:

1. The magnetic flex plate option includes a thin, flexible steel sheet coated with PEI on both sides. One side is smooth, and the other side is textured. It also comes with a flexible magnet with adhesive on one side. When you permanently attach the magnet to the aluminum plate, and then stick the flex sheet to the magnet, you can remove the flex sheet after each print. You can then flex it to remove the prints, clean it, and easily replace it if it becomes damaged.

2. The PEI film option has a PEI plastic sheet with adhesive on one side. You permanently attach this sheet to the aluminum plate.

3. Bare aluminum plate (bring your own printing surface)

Included parts:

Part description Qty Notes
ATP5 1/4" Plate - 120x120mm 1
Silicone DC 24V Heater 100x100mm 60W 1
PEI 0.010" Sheet 1 3M 200MP Adhesive is pre-applied
Magnetic Flex Plate Set 1 Includes magnetic base and two-sided flex plate (smooth + textured)

1. Plates are not guaranteed from light scratching or bumped corners by our supplier. We carefully inspect all the plates, and if there are any imperfections, we try to orient the plate to keep the top surface clean.
2. Due to plate cut tolerance, the magnetic/flex plate can be a few millimeters bigger or smaller than the heat bed.