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BigTreeTech SKR Pico

BigTreeTech SKR Pico

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BigTreeTech SKR Pico Board v1.0

  • 33MHz 32-bit processor, the RP2040 ARM Cortex, which should provide enough power to handle high-speed operations
  • Beefy heat sink to provide cooling during heavy computations
  • Power output for an accompanying Raspberry Pi unit is often used to handle the front panel interface on 3D printers
  • Physical dimensions and form match the Raspberry Pi, meaning you can stack them together to save space or use an identical housing
  • TMC2209 silent 3D printer drivers for totally quiet 3D printer operation
  • Cable terminators are on the side, enabling vertical installation
  • USB-C interface for fast, modern connections
  • Five motor interfaces, including two for dual Z-axis configurations
  • Sensorless homing capability
  • Included filament-out detection circuit
  • Connections for a proximity sensor and the popular BL-Touch sensor