Voron 2.2 3d printer build. Assembling the frame.

We have started building a second VORON. Naturally, it’s going to be 2.2 this time. We’ve decided to stick with the same 300mm3 size as our first 2.1 build.

VORON 2.2 frame

For this build, as for our 2.1 Voron, we are using the same off-brand extrusions (available here). Although it has slightly beveled edge, it still allows to securely mount the vertical rails. It is well known that some of non-Misumi extrusions have a chamfered or beveled edge which does not allow to mount rails off-center. This is why it is usually risky to buy extrusions for Voron from a random source. We found a good supplier of cheaper extrusions that works perfectly for Voron 2.2 3d printer build.